Energy Savings & ROI

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Save Energy, Save Money
Market Value of Your Windows
Read Between the Numbers
By reducing heat or cold from passing through, you will use less energy. This translates to reductions on your energy bill and the negative impact you have on the environment. We help you quantify these benefits. We perform cost analysis using local energy cost/usage trends, home-buying patterns your city in conjunction with data from the E.P.A.'s EnergyStar program and the Department of Energy. Windows improve overall home comfort from noise and mold reduction, improved lighting and airflow, to heating and cooling control.

All Replacement Window Savings in Montpelier

Montpelier-Vermont Savings

Residents of Montpelier upgrading from dual pane windows to EnergyStar Rated windows will most probably see electricity costs declines of about $202.03. Whereas, when replacing single-pane windows to National's EnergyStar rated windows you may save about $587.5 every year. Read More...


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